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Communicate Better

We'll lift the lid on social media 

'scary stuff', give hints and tips on how to 

take awesome photos and start 

building great looking posts and 

meaningful engagement.


Get Organised

We have the low down on simple 

systems, tools and processes to help 

you get organised, leaving you in 

control and able to concentrate 

on what matters most.


Promote your Business

Whether you're after a strategy, 

branding or event management,

we have some super creative 

juices flowing at camp 

Go Momo!

They say....

Rollo De Sausmarez, Chairman of the board of Trustees Sausmarez Manor

Lisa is a born organiser, problem solver and motivator all rolled into one super-positive and effective human-being. 

There is almost nothing she can't solve, and for those few exceptions, she'll know someone who can. She gets the best of everyone around her, and manages to make everything more fun than it would be were she not involved. Truly multi-talented. I would not hesitate to recommend her! 

Mike Leonard, Chairman First Central Group

Lisa is very capable, dedicated and is constantly looking to improve. She has always been able to turn her hand to a variety of different tasks. It has been a pleasure working alongside and knowing Lisa for these last 7 years.

Richard Le Tocq, Chairman Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation

I've worked with Lisa in my role as Treasurer and founding trustee of the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation. She is energetic, enthusiastic and efficient. Lisa is a great asset and I've enjoyed working with her.

Her drive is infectious!

free range human, go mono

Why Go Momo?

They say free range animals are happier, healthier and produce better and for longer. We think the same is true for humans. 

We work flexibly to fit in with your needs, wherever you need us, for as long as you need us. 

This means your business can remain flexible, nimble and cost effective, scaling as needed.


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