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Every now and again we all need a helping hand to get on top of our to-do lists. Whether you are in business, running a household or just swamped by the tasks that life in general is throwing your way, Go Momo will help you win back some valuable time.

 Go Momo is passionate about work/life balance, 

our mission is to help you make yours better. 

Go Momo


The most important aspect of a lifestyle management and PA service is trust, borne from solid relationships and reliability. We are ace at problem solving, sourcing, negotiating, making a plan and delivering it.  

Go Momo was founded by Lisa Vidamour 

(a.k.a. Rocqchick and Momo). 

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 We recognise that everyone's to-do list is different so our confidential support services are tailored to your individual needs. We are a one-stop shop, with second to none organisational skills. 

Using Go Momo removes the commitment of employing a member of staff or the potential headache of managing several suppliers.


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The Go Momo Story

Words from our founder, Lisa Vidamour

Ever felt like you're on a hamster wheel?

Working full time, I would leave the office at the end of the day drained of all energy to then focus on the required parental duties of lunch making, homework, child wrangling and the general chaos of parenting, etc. I would then watch the last rays of sunshine disappear whilst I ticked 'stuff' off my endless to-do list, praying that I would get to the gardening bit so I could at least go outside! 

Talking to friends and colleagues I started to realise that this is all too common, we're running around overloading our brains and bodies with virtually no downtime. 

As founder of Go Momo, my vision is to help the people of Guernsey have time for themselves. I'm no doctor, but I do know that every now and then we all need a helping hand to get on top of our to-do list and there is no shame in that. 

I have decades of experience running support services for successful companies. I've project managed office moves, implemented systems and processes to save time/money, written and implemented wellbeing strategies and have negotiated/budgeted my socks off. I have worked with great teams, organised numerous large scale events, renovated houses, I play in a band and am passionate about equal opportunities (I was the first ever female BMW technician in the UK). During the last 50 years on this planet I have amassed a wealth of experience and a great network of reliable contacts who I work with and trust to deliver great results every time.

Go Play. Go Momo.

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